Tubing roller dies

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In stock. Eastwood Sheet Metal Gauge.

Eastwood Bead Roller Guide Fence. This kit includes an additional 10 dies to use with any bead roller with a 22mm shaft. With these additional dies on your bead roller you can create offset flanges, contours, deep channels, and style lines. This kit enables you to form, bend, stretch and strengthen metal. Fabricate custom panels and complex parts. Create style lines, offsets, deep channels, contours and other intricate forms in steel and aluminum.

Fits the Eastwood Bead Roller, and most bead rollers with a 22mm shaft. These are not compatible with the Eastwood Motorized Bead Roller. Click here for product instruction manual. The following images illustrate only some of the many contour configurations that can be created in metal by combining the dies in this kit.

The resilient composition of the "A" Polyurethane Die offers mar-free backup for any Eastwood Die and allows for the creation of virtually any metal shape imaginable. TIP: Experiment with material that is close in thickness to the gauge of metal you wish to use. This will enable you to determine the metal contour that will result from your experimental combination.

Always wear appropriate eye and hand protection when working with metal. Keep fingers away from moving parts. Click here to see safety products. Replacement Poly Roller Click here for product SDS information.

Need Support or Have a Question? Press To Call Check Them Out. Add to Cart In stock. Item Brand:Eastwood. Increase the capabilities of your bead roller with more forming dies.Hello again everyone!

In this instructable, I will be showing you how to build a roller-bender machine from scratch. The roller, of course, broke catastrophically the first time I tried to use it.

Dies for Pro-Tools Tube and Pipe Benders

Typical harbor freight. My roller features multiple locations to place the bottom dies, allowing you to place them farther apart for larger radii, which in turn requires less effort to do the rolling. Other features include a jack to force the top die down and easily bend the tubing, guide bars and spacers to eliminate slop when rolling slop is when a tube turns out all wonky because there was side-to-side motion in the roller dies while you were rollingand bolts to securely fasten the roller to the table, among other things.

I will also show you how to make your own dies, and I will update that section as I make more types of die sets. Let's get started! Note: Since this was my first time building a tubing roller, and since I was sort of making up the design as I went along, I made a few mistakes which resulted in a few unnecessary holes, poorly placed holes, and stuff like that. I also made a lot of stuff out of order, and assembled stuff multiple times to check fit, even when I knew I would have to disassemble it again.

In order to eliminate confusion, I have both taken pictures and made technical drawings of the various parts, when the technical drawings and pictures conflict, the dimensions and locations on the drawings always override those in the pictures. In other words, if a hole is off-center in a picture but the drawings show it in the exact center of a piece, don't drill the hole off-center. Also if a drawing shows, for example, more holes than a picture for a certain step, feel free to drill all the holes at the same time so that you don't have to disassemble stuff to drill the rest of the holes later.

Seems pretty obvious to most of us, but I'm going to say it anyways. This project has the potential to seriously injure or kill you if you act like an idiot or don't know what you're doing.

If you have never worked with metal before, this is probably not a good introductory project. If you have never used a lathe, don't try to make your own dies without help and supervision.

If you are the kind of person who cuts corners and blatantly disregards their own safety, go somewhere else. Also, if you disregard my warnings and stupidly attempt to do this project even though you don't know what you're doing, I am not responsible for you cutting off fingers or killing yourself as a result. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, lets get building!

Here are the technical drawings I have made which tell you dimensions and hole locations for each part. All measurements are in inches. I chose aluminum over steel because it is both far lighter and easier to work with than steel, and it won't rust. It is also more expensive, but I believe the extra expense is worth it to have something that doesn't require 4 people just to lift it into your truck, and to allow it to be more accessible to people who don't have machine shops in their garage.

I recommend using a drywall square to ensure that you end up with right angles and straight lines. Also, it is important to make sure that both side pieces are as close to identical as possible, otherwise it will create problems later.

First, you'll want to cut off any extra pieces so that you are left with a rectangle which lines up with the edges of your side pieces. Then, cut along the diagonals as shown in the second image. When cutting aluminum, move the saw forward more slowly than you would if you were cutting wood. The accuracy of these first cuts is not crucial, I didn't use a guide bar and just free handed mine and they turned out fine.

Be sure to wear a face shield and gloves when cutting the aluminum, as the chips tend to fly everywhere and can be quite sharp.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When fabricating your own parts, you need them to be just as strong as the original, if not stronger. A bead roller is an excellent way to add this strength to sheet metal and to form the right design for various pieces.

R-M7 Tooling

If you do a lot of restoration or repair work, Eastwood bead rollers will save you money compared to hunting down rare parts or hiring someone else to make them. The metal formers you see here can be used to create radiators, ducts, fuel lines, dashboards and many other OEM or custom parts. We know that people have different preferences and needs for metal working.

Our manual bead rollers come in small and large sizes to mount on a workbench, vise or stand. For some extra power and more control over your creations, try an electric bead roller that comes with a stand and foot pedal control. There are also tube bead rollers for creating lines and cylinders. Each model can be used on steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other common metals. Precision custom metal work is much easier when you have the right tools to get you started.

We have many bead roller accessories to do more than what's possible with freehand methods. Metal forming dies will help you create deep channels, flanges and style lines in different sizes. With a bead roller fence, you'll have a guide for perfectly straight lines or offsets. Special kits will help you make steps, raised beads and other common automotive metal shapes. With four decades and counting of DIY experience, Eastwood is trusted by all levels of automotive builders for quality products and service.

We want everyone to be satisfied with our metal formers and will work out a solution if you're not. Start your search today or contact us for assistance. What kind of fabricated metal does your project call for? Contact us today and we'll get you started.

tubing roller dies

Consult our bead roller buyer's guide to determine which option is best for your shop. Need Support or Have a Question? Press To Call Check Them Out. Apply filter. Apply filters. Show All Subcategories. Bead Rollers for Forming Metal When fabricating your own parts, you need them to be just as strong as the original, if not stronger. Our Largest Bead Roller is a must-have for sheet metal work, with electric power and foot pedal control.

Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Eastwood Metal Bead Roller.When you purchase the Harbor Freight Tubing roller it comes with three roller die sets, 1.

If you are looking for additional tubing roller dies for the Harbor Freight tubing roller and or the HULK tubing roller you have came to the right spot. As it currently stands we have 69 different sizes of dies available.

tubing roller dies

We stock round tube dies, square dies, round pipe dies as well as a universal edge roller dies set for rolling flat bar on edge, cap rail dies and dies for rolling square on edge in a diamond shape. Every die set includes two outer non drive rollers and one center drive roller with key stock with set screws. The SWAG machined cromoly premium drive axle is required and must be used with our dies.

One drive axle is compatible with every dies set we produce, hence you will only need one axle regardless of how many die sets you own. The drive axles as well as the center drive rollers are now broached and keyed. Using the a key way will eliminate the hassle of constantly tightening the set screws and trying to keep the "wobble" out of the center drive roller.

The drive axle has 4 machined flats for the crank wheel which increases the grip and reduces premature wear. We currently offer the dies in the following configurations round tube, round pipe, square, as well as a full line unique dies for doing flat bar in edge or square in a diamond profile.

In addition we also offer a full line of Delrin dies in round tube, round pipe and square sizes. Delrin dies are well suited for aluminum, copper, brass, and chrome finished where abrasion or scratches on the material are not acceptable. NOTE: Tube rolling is a bit of an art; where time and patience is your friend. Due to so many operator controlled variables, there is no warranty on our dies. Subscribe Unsubscribe. Put me on the Waiting List. Write a Review. Not sure of the difference between pipe and tube, simply put tube is measured from the outside diameter, and pipe is measured on the inside diameter of the part.

Hand Rail Cap Dies. These dies will fit King Metal's 1. We created these dies with the intention of having everything readily available for your hand rail rolling needs, without having to switch out dies when changing material. Check out our example picture and demonstration video below for more information.

View All Reviews. I ordered the Harbor Freight tubing roller and the dies for 2" square tube. I added some wings to the roller. I rolled two 14' arches with a 12" rise.

My 1st one took about an hour and the 2nd 45 minutes. Totally awesome!! I received these very quickly using standard delivery. I put them to use right away they work great!! I will probably buy more dies in the future. Got technical advice by phone before buying. Item arrived in about five days which was the cheapest shipping option.

It fits into the roller machine perfectly and rolled out my tube flawlessly.The unit's relatively small size makes it highly…. The Eagle CP30 is one of the most used section benders in the world. Equipped with a LED digital display to monitor the bending roll, this machine…. The Model CP40 is one of the most used roll benders in the world.

It is equipped with LED digital display to monitor the bending roll and aid in…. Lower shafts are motorized with knurled rollers for traction. The idle top shaft uses smooth surfaced rollers. The patented…. E-Models are equipped with a manual scale to monitor the bending roll position…. Steel rolls will provide a lifetime of quality service.

Delrin rolls will provide scratch…. Delrin rolls will provide….

Square Tubing Roller

Related Categories: 2 Square Tubing Bender. An oil bath speed reducer, efficient…. The innovative servo…. The hydraulic pump is on wheels and can be easily moved around…. These dies work on the Eagle CP30 roll benders. Round tubing, round pipe, square, channel, angle iron, and many more profiles are available.

Click the…. The Mittler Brothers hydraulic bender is an excellent hydraulic bender for job-shops and race car builders alike. Featuring a 25 ton hydraulic….Published on October 3, 2015Search customer reviews. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway This item: The Odds: One Season, Three Gamblers, and the Death of Their Las Vegas Set up a giveaway Sponsored products related to this item (What's this.

tubing roller dies

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Homemade Tubing Bender using Harbor Freight Tubing Roller Dies

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