Toyota hilux modelo 2021

The third-gen Toyota Hilux will hit markets later next year. According to numerous reports, the upcoming model will get minor changes. Hilux is a middle-size pickup truck that offers one of the most attractive and robust designs on the market. Also, it comes with a cabin that provides impressive styling and rooms for five occupants.

We must add that the Hilux model is a very popular pick-up in Europe and one of the most iconic pick-ups across the globe. The Toyota Hilux is a middle-size pickup truck that will arrive with robust and durable design. Also, the new model will get some changes that will make this pickup even more attractive.

For a start, the suspension has been reworked according to the officials and this model is tuned for off-roading. Dimensionally, the Hilux length 5,3 meters. Provided photos revealed that the upcoming Hilux will get new headlights, larger grille, and reshaped taillights. The design looks sportier than before, and upper trim levels will get most of the equipment that will include more stylish wheels. The Toyota Hilus as before will come with three configurations cab configurations: a regular cab, extended cab, and double cab.

This version will bring more features and a sportier look. The cabin of the Toyota Hilux will be more stylish than before.

The new model will introduce new upholstery, more techs, and more features.

2021 Toyota Hilux Is the New Unstoppable Pickup Truck

Also, the new infotainment system will be part of this pickup. The manufacturer will use 4. However, on the higher trims, there will be a larger infotainment display. Reversing camera, DAB radio, cruise control, and folding door mirrors, air conditioning, Bluetooth, cool front box, and heated and electrically adjustable wing mirrors as standard.

toyota hilux modelo 2021

As before, the same seating configuration will be present. Cloth upholstery is available and provides excellent comfort. Optionally, customers can get leather seats, vinyl flooring and much more. The Toyota Hilux is a great pickup truck that comes with few engine options. Furthermore, the upcoming model may also get a new engine as per the latest rumors. However, this rumor is not yet confirmed by Toyota. Until that happens, Hilux will continue to be powered with a 2.

The next one powertrain that comes optionally is a 2. This engine replaced the aging 3. The last one and the most potent options is a 2. Manual transmission is no longer on the offer and is replaced with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The upcoming Toyota Hilux is the most completed mid-size pickup truck on the market.The top of the line 2. Toyota Safety Sense intelligent technology helps keep you safe [S1]. Available as a Single, Extra and Double-Cab, you also have the choice of 4x2 or 4x4.

Buy your HiLux using an ABN, and you open the door to big savings with preferred pricing as a business customer. No matter how hard you work or play, the New HiLux is up for it.

Its engines are built to take on anything from tough worksites, to towering hills for 4x4 variants. Load up. Extra torque and sophisticated towing technology means 4x4 HiLux variants have a 3. The New HiLux has toughened up, with a stepped-up design built around a sturdier grill.

Its design was led by function, then tested in the rough and tumble of Australian conditions. Double-Cab variants have room for 5, so everyone can pile in for every kind of journey, from a lunch run to a fishing expedition. You wanted a safe place for all your tools, now thanks to extensive design and testing a motorised roller cover comes standard on Rogue. Locking away your load is as simple as pressing a button, while an auto jam feature means nothing gets stuck.

The New HiLux has more optional accessories than ever before, allowing you to make your HiLux unique and perfectly suited to your kind of work and play.

Made from high tensile steel this Bull Bar provides maximum protection and durability in the harshest conditions. Made from high strength steel, our Tub Step can hold up to kg without hassle. Images are indicative only.

Rugged X model shown. SR5, Rogue and Rugged X grade variants come with smart entry and smart start. Speak to your Dealer about device compatibility. Park and reverse with confidence. All pick-up variants come standard with reversing camera, while SR5 and Rogue grades also feature a 6-sensor front and rear parking sensors [S1].

Leather accented. Pre-production model shown. No matter what kind of work your HiLux does, you're sure to spend a lot of time inside it.

Time to get acquainted. Rugged X pre-production model shown. All images are indicative only.Yesterday, we got you the prices of the Toyota Hilux. Today, we've got more in store for you.

We found out all of the upgrades, changes, and updates in the Philippine-spec Hilux pick-up. And we have good news about the engine too. So, what are the upgrades? There's the new infotainment system which has a whole lot more features than before.

The Hilux no longer uses the outsourced head unit. Instead, the pick-up uses a wider eight-inch screen. It also has more features as it now comes standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even a hands-free function. The upgraded touchscreen auto system is standard in the Conquest, 4x2 G, and 4x2 E. Another significant upgrade is the vehicle's multi-information display and instrument cluster. Now, there are higher-resolution graphics to enhance the look of the screens. It also shows the steering angle of the truck, as well as the proximity of the vehicle around obstacles.

The Conquest even comes with a bit more flair in the cluster, with a chrome bezel around the dials and blue graphics. The local-spec Hilux also gets several new active safety features. A reverse camera is now standard on most models, and downhill assist control is fitted as well. The Hilux also comes with something called Tailgate Assist. That helps the tailgate open more gently and close with less force. Also, the Hilux E comes with more safety equipment.

It now comes standard with traction and stability control, hill-start assist, and even trailer sway control. Now, for the fun part, the engine. As it turns out, Toyota Philippines will be giving us the maximum power from the recently upgraded 2.

Power is still the same in the 2. While prices for the Hilux have gone up, for the most part, Toyota Motor Philippines added a lot more kit in the process. There's the comprehensive touchscreen, the edgier exterior design, more safety features, and, of course, more power and better efficiency.

If anything, it addresses most of the criticism at the Hilux for being under-equipped. With that in mind, you could even say the price adjustment is well justified. Previous article. Great news for Isuzu fans. The next-generation Mu-X and D-Max are coming here next year.

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2021 Toyota Hilux: All model upgrades, variants, prices for PH

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toyota hilux modelo 2021

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The 2020 New HiLux

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toyota hilux modelo 2021

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toyota hilux modelo 2021

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