Stomach gurgling fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. They will get into actual adventures, there will be lots of pointless filler, they might develop some character, and most of all, they will try and learn that they're perfect for each other!

Can they help all the Smashers and somehow manage to survive random predicaments? Will this hopefully spark a glut of Dry Bowser fanfiction? Will Dry Bowser stop being so dryly sarcastic all the time? Will I stop asking you all these stupid questions? Does Toadette fart?

An epic tale that you won't forget any time soon!! The countless fanfiction ideas that I come up with that could never get a proper start on FF Net because of a lack of imagination to finish them up. Being a goddess gives you many things that have an advantage over mortals. Unfortunately, preventing flatulence is not one of them. So rev up those fryers, cause the gassy green goddess is in town!

It's Lady Palutena farting all over, much to Pit's angelic dismay! Also, in an alternate dimension, Lady Palutena farts up a storm at the Smash Mansion, and she wants to show off her godly flatulence by getting everyone with her funky, gassy booty. And, just like in the first dimension mentioned prior, poor Pit has to try his best to stop her, but he won't, because Lady Palutena farting is something that you just can't stop.

And when the Smashers see Lady Palutena fart, they can't help but feel parted. Cause Lady Palutena farted. Toadette, the Pink Mushroom with the twirls!

Princess Peach Toadstool, the Pink Pooter with blonde hair! Amy Rose, the Pink Hedgehog with magic skills! Nana, the Pink Ice Climber who loves vegetables! And Jigglypuff, the Pink Puffball who will puff you up! Together, they form the cutest club to knock the Smash Brothers Toadette craves for some popcorn chicken.

Luckily, fellow chicken enthusiast Ike arrives, and the two travel the world to get the tastiest popcorn chicken in existence! One unlucky winner is going on the looser's trip of a lifetime when they win lunch with Misha Collins himself, only to they find themselves on the menu! The Winchester's digest part 1, Gabriel shrinks the Winchesters boys as a joke, and an unaware Cas accidentally swallows down the tiny Winchesters by mistake. Unable to help himself, as it was basically reflex, Roger poked a finger into his mouth to clean off the chocolate FeederMercury helped inspire this story, please read their fics and check out their Tumblr if you like stuff like this.

For the love of bellies, Destiel fluff, feeding, lots of eating, chubby Cas, and more belly love! Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Stomach Growling. Parent tags more general : No Fandom.Sweet Revenge. Chapter 1. Konata was bored in the house by herself one day so she decided to ring invite Kagami to her house. Konata's empty stomach protested loudly with loud rumbles that she could feel move and vibrate while she clutched her hungry stomach.

As soon as the ramen and tofu was made, she then put in some wasabi sauce, put it in a bowl and ate everything. Story Story Writer Forum Community. After being sick of falling for Konata's pranks, Kagami gets revenge. Contains Yuri and Girl Poo and farting for Humor. Sweet Revenge Chapter 1 Konata was bored in the house by herself one day so she decided to ring invite Kagami to her house. So Konata picked up the phone and rang Kagami. On the other end Kagami answered the phone.

Just as Konata put the phone down, her stomach made a deep gurgling rumble. So Konata went into the kitchen opened the fridge door. The only thing inside the fridge was some ramen noodles, an egg, some tofu and some wasabi. Konata closed the fridge door. Konata's stomach rumbled again. After five minutes of loud hungry rumbles, Konata gave in. And just then Konata's stomach stopped rumbling, but continued hurting and aching.

So Konata made herself some ramen noodles with egg and tofu. Konata felt stuffed after her ramen dish and then burped loudly. Chapter 1 2.A gurgling sound in the abdomen is not uncommon. It is a sign of activity within the stomach and bowels that occurs throughout the day.

But a gurgling abdominal sounds can also be a sign of various bowel diseases and it is therefore difficult to say what can be considered normal or abnormal. Similarly, a lack of bowel sounds can also be a cause for concern as it may be an indication of various gastrointestinal and abdominal conditions that need to be investigated. There are several reasons for the normal gurgling sounds in the stomach and bowels. The contents within the gastrointestinal tract are pushed through by the strong muscular contractions of the gut wall.

Gurgling is largely due to the fluid content within the bowels. Even if you eat solid foods, the juices within the stomach and bowels, and the copious amounts of water secreted into the intestine to facilitate digestion results in large quantities of fluid within the gut. The churning and pushing of the fluid mush known as chyme naturally causes sounds.

It is further added to by the bubbling in the bowels with gas production. Furthermore indigestible or hard substances that remain solid can also contribute to the intestinal sounds. Collectively these sounds are described as rumbling, growling or gurgling. It is more obvious after eating and when hungry. The medical term for these sounds is borborygmi borborygmus. The movement of food and fluid through the gut is a coordinated forceful process.

The strong muscle contractions are constantly churning food and pushing it through the gut. Although the normal sounds borborygmi are expected after eating a meal, there are times when certain foods and drinks can contribute to louder and excessive sounds yet there is no bowel disease or disorder. One of the major contributors in this regard is carbonated beverages. The increased gas within the bowels contributes further to the gurgling sounds than would be expected.

Similarly, eating too fast or swallowing air while eating and drinking may also increase gas within the bowels.

These gassy foods are known to increase belching and flatulence but the gas within the bowels also causes excessive gurgling and bubbling sounds.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Mordecai tries to lose a couple of pounds after a week of eating pizza. Rigby says it's not easy to be chubby. Mordecai takes on a dare and has less than a month to gain pounds to prove Rigby wrong.

Captain Rex is struggling through the residual feelings of guilt after Umbara. Lucky for him, Cody is there to help him through the nightmares. These are my two beloved original characters, Bradley and Cade. They are engaged. Cade has GERD gastro-esophageal reflux diseaseand this depicts his most horrific flare up. Lavari about something stomach churning. Statement taken directly from subject February 13th, About one and a half year after the wedding, everything seems to be going smooth; Alec and Magnus are going strong, at home and as the heads of each their part of the shadow world.

But maybe it's time for a change. Maybe something is missing. Set: Showverse. Turns out witchers can get a little drunk and hungover.

Fits into most parts of Season 1, assuming Jaskier is travelling around with Geralt. The eyes weren't the only serpentine trait Crowley retained regardless of what form he took. There were many - his strange tongue, his loose movement, his preference for warmer temperatures, his occasional hiss. Aziraphale was familiar with all of them, or at least, he thought he was.

Gurgling Bowel Sounds – Causes, After Eating and Drinking

Even after years, the old serpent was full of surprises. This was fine. At least they were largely harmless surprises. This will be a series of probably drabbles featuring Nat and Clint whump of various situations and degrees. Warnings will be added as the series continues. A chance encounter brings the group together as they embark on a mission to free Bramley from the harsh dangers of gang life. Also, there is a lot of good food, tummy rubs, platonic cuddling, tummy rubs, awkward burgeoning romance, and tummy rubs.

Because Geralt seriously could not expect, that when he said to the bard to NOT to do something, that Jaskier will actually listen? In fact, Jaskier did not even think about doing that, before Geralt forbid him to. Or Jaskier is chaotic as hell, and eats a flower. A Homestuck fantasy-AU in which the titular Nepeta Leijon travels from her home out to the unknown and makes the acquintance of some fairly interesting people that she just may become friends with Dean is sick and hides it from Sam.

They take on the Leviathan, argue with each other and make up. Sam takes care of Dean with lots of belly rubs.Okay, this is my first fan fiction so please bare with me. I have had this idea for a while and thought I would finally give it a try.

Summary- Sam is sick with what appears to be a stomach bug, Dean must find out what it is as the situation gets worse. The wipers squeaked as they pushed away the heavy rain that fell from the sky, saturating the outside of the Impala.

stomach gurgling fanfiction

Sam yawned and attempted an unsuccessful stretch in the cramped conditions of the front seat. The inside of the Impala was warm and humid, causing condensation to build on the side windows. They had been driving for over four hours, Dean still appeared to be wired, probably from the previous coffees and sugar that he had consumed before they left.

Suddenly, Sam felt a strange feeling build inside him. He wasn't sure what it was, but knew he needed a rest room. There was no response or acknowledgement, "I mean it Dean I really…. Just stop soon! Truth be told, Dean had heard Sam the first time, but he wasn't going to admit it, this was a bit too entertaining, seeing Sam squirm in his seat like a five year old.

Loud, Constant Stomach Growling ASMR

Dean grinned at his brother; there was a short silence between them before it was broken by a loud gurgling sound that came from Sam's stomach. Not only was the sound heard by Dean, but it even shocked Sam.

He was cut off by Sam before he could finish his question.

Growling Gut

Just don't. He was not in the mood for Dean, especially now. He didn't want to go into details of why his stomach was making the strange gurgling noises. Not that he had any of the answers. There was silence again. Sam tried to apply pressure to his stomach, in hopes that it would ease the tension and noises that were erupting from his abdomen. About ten minutes passed since the brothers last spoke. Sam noted the short, but now frequent glances he was getting from his brother.

You okay? He was getting more concerned at how uncomfortable Sam was getting. He shook his head, knowing that Dean would enjoy tormenting him in this way.

Sam knew Dean too well, Dean had already thought of so many comments he could have shot to Sam, however, he had picked up on Sam's hint and didn't want to embarrass him any further about his situation.

Therefore, he simply smiled and kept his comments to himself for now, at least until Sam was in a better mood. I know that was short, there's more I promise, just want to know how I'm doing so please review!

Good points, bad points and where to improve…… Be gentle with me! Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Supernatural.Len moved quickly to his next class. He wanted to be done with it so he could go to study hall and do his health homework that he forgot about, and would likely forget again if he didn't constantly remind himself about it.

He sat down in his chair with a thump and looked around. People were talking quietly to each other. He shrugged and got out his notebook to start on the first slide of the notes that they did everyday. As he etched the word 'reactants' into his paper, he felt a subtle pop and winced. The dull but quick pain came from his stomach, he concluded, and he put his hand over it.

He felt it rumble and winced again. Quickly he checked to see if anyone was looking at him, then, once he was sure no one was, he slipped his hand under his shirt and gently massaged his belly. The coolness of his fingertips on the warm, agitated flesh instantly brought relief and Len was able to remove his hand as quickly as he put it in. He continued writing down the first slide until he felt bubbles rising up in his throat.

He burped and froze. First he wanted to make sure no one had heard him. If they had, they sure didn't show it. Next he wanted to know why it happened. Could he have swallowed some air by accident?

No, that couldn't be right.

stomach gurgling fanfiction

He felt more air in his stomach, a LOT more. He couldn't have swallowed enough air to make that feeling just by talking or chewing gum. He felt full too, like he ate too much. But that was impossible. He hadn't had a soda lately, he never really drank soda or anything like that. Too sugary. He was always conscious about his health, which meant salads and no saturated fats.

He hadn't even eaten breakfast that morning, so there was no way he could've eaten too much. Len spent the rest of science secretly holding his stomach under the desk and burping quietly. No one heard him.Mary was feeling a little worried. She was due to go to college in a couple weeks, which meant she had to move into the dorms.

How will I have any privacy if I share room with someone? She was a straight A student, attractive and friendly, but incredibly shy.

Secret Gassy Hobby

Boys frequently sought out her attention because she was so cute and nice. Boys and girls alike found her pleasing to look at, with her black hair and blue eyes, her full figure, and her adorable round plump butt. She was a little on the short side, which was something that made her insecure sometimes. Though she frequently got calls from potential boyfriends, she preferred the company of her female companions.

Mary just felt more comfortable with them. Though she was looking forward to her studies in college, she was very anxious about having to interact with new classmates, and roommates too now! Oh dear! How would she ever get her privacy? Mary had this one particular past time that she could only feel comfortable doing alone: farting heartily. Farting and masturbating to be precise. Mary loved the feeling of having full bowels, an enlarged stomach from gas, and then letting loose long disgusting farts.

Mary particularly loved it when she had the house to herself her parents frequently went outso she could partake in this disgusting activity.

stomach gurgling fanfiction

Mary was incredibly embarrassed of this fetish, and could never bear for anyone to find out. However, she just enjoyed it so much she couldn't possibly stop. Time and time again, she would swear that this was the last time she would ever partake in this shameful fetish. However, when alone, she'd always find herself thinking the same pleasurable thoughts, and eating the same gaseous foods that made such explosive reactions within her system.

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