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Rapha Classic Shoes

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Rapha Classic Shoes

If there does not appear a WW discount position when you check out you do not have enough postings! Weight Weenies Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Rapha Cycling Club? Questions about bike hire abroad and everything light bike related. No off-topic chat please. Forum rules. Does anybody here belongs to it? And what are the real advantages? Post by Conza on Sat Feb 10, am Yes. Moving work places so going to be closer into the city.

Don't do coffee though; so losing a lot of potential free cups there haha. Recently new to city; so good fun to join. It's all about the adventure. Missus joined recently for the bike hire, coffee and club rides when travelling and the clothes. She's grabbed a couple of pieces that really do look the part. Not sure how to activate the Dr paul enenche teachings 2015 discount to be honest, but was able to setup the RCC jersey in game.The Rapha Classic shoes are a superbly comfortable design with a novel lacing system, good sole stiffness and durability, and — shock, horror!

Rapha has switched to a last that it believes will prove comfortable to more people, with a little more volume in the forefoot. My feet are a middling width and I found them to have plenty of room up front — certainly enough to wiggle my toes freely.

If your feet are narrower, you can always cinch the sides in via the Velcro forefoot strap. I guess you might struggle if your feet are particularly wide, although the supple upper offers a bit of leeway. One of the Classic's key features — and it's one that it shares with the Explore — is the double wall lacing system. The way it works is that the one-piece microfibre upper heads up from the sole, then in the midfoot area it folds inwards, and heads back to the sole — hence 'double wall'.

The top of the fold is cut away to provide the anchor points you can't really call them 'eyelets', can you? We created something that looks seamless and improves the overall strength of the shoe. I can't say that I've ever noticed uneven forces across the top of my foot with other laced designs, but Rapha's system does draw the two sides of the shoe together to surround your foot really comfortably; in fact, these shoes are superbly comfortable all round.

You can adjust the laces so that they're tight in one section and looser in another — pulling tight at the top doesn't draw the sides in all the way down, for example — and several weeks in there are no signs of wear around those non-eyelets, which is something that had concerned me. The tongue is lightly padded so you don't feel the laces across the top of your foot, and it comes with an elasticated lace-keep halfway down for stowing away the loose ends so they don't get caught in your drivetrain.

The opening is cut quite low so there's no danger of rubbing against your ankle as you pedal I'm quite susceptible to that thanks to a metal plate on the fibula. Old war wound. Don't like to talk about it. In contrast to the front end of the shoe, the heel cup is slim and grabby. I've not experienced any heel lift during use. The upper and the tongue are perforated, but bear in mind that some of those perforations don't go right through to your foot because of the double wall construction in the midfoot area, the heel cup and a lining around the opening.

If keeping your feet cool in hot weather is high on your list of priorities, these can't compete with shoes that have large mesh panels. The sole comprises a carbon-fibre plate that runs the full length of your foot, with a TPU cover over the majority of it. You can only see the carbon in the area where the cleat attaches. Surely, if you've got carbon-fibre soles you want to show them off?

Well, the idea of the TPU is that it stops you slipping while walking and protects the carbon. It works on both counts. I've been using these shoes for five or six weeks now and the TPU section is barely marked, unlike the bare carbon around the cleat. The sole doesn't have replaceable heel or toe protectors, but it doesn't need them because, if current indications are anything to go by, you're never going to wear through the TPU.

Don't get me wrong, you're not getting hiking boot levels of grip here, but it's a sight less slippery than carbon. In terms of on-the-bike performance, I've known slightly stiffer soles on high-end race shoes but there's certainly not a load of flex here.New Powerweave fabric and redesigned chamois for the pros.

By Matthew Loveridge. Powerweave is made using a jacquard weaving process yes, we had to Google that too that differs from more basic techniques in that it allows control of individual threads. It is usually associated with producing complex surface patterns for aesthetic purposes, and the concept dates back to the early 19th century. Rapha notes that the existing Pro Team shorts use a knitted fabric rather than a weave.

A weave can combine multiple types of yarn, while a knitted pattern is formed by continuously looping a single yarn. This reduces the number of seams, making chafing less likely. Rapha says it has also redesigned its chamois pad with higher density foam. The new pad is narrower and claims to be lighter, quicker drying and more breathable. Other features of the Pro Team Powerweaves, such as integrated leg grippers and laser-cut bib straps, are de rigeur for high-end shorts these days.

Rapha says it developed the shorts in collaboration with riders from its sponsored team EF Education First Pro Cycling, including the likes of Mitch Docker. The design Rapha is showing off in its press material is a limited-edition available to RCC members only. Matthew Loveridge formerly Allen is an experienced mechanic and an expert on bike tech who appreciates practical, beautifully-engineered things.

rapha rcc forum

Originally a roadie, he likes bikes and kit of every stripe, and he's tested a huge variety of both over the years for BikeRadar, Cycling Plus and others. At cm tall and 53kg, he looks like he should be better at cycling than he actually is, and he's ok with that.

When you buy through links on our site we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our opinion. May 15, at pm. Rapha claims its new Powerweave fabric offers superioir moisture management.

The new Pro Team bib shorts feature integrated leg grippers and laser cut bib straps. Matthew Loveridge Social networks. Daily Deals. You may also like. Pro Bike. Buying Guides. Best waterproof jackets for road cycling and commuting 15 tried and tested by our experts.Join Walk Run Cycle. Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only.

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Dwn Start date 26 Feb Clothing bibs dhb.

Rapha RCC Gran Canaria 2017

Dwn Active Member. I've recently purchased my first pairs of bib tights, with pretty mixed results. Accordingly, I'd be interested in some advice before buying bib shorts. My chief criteria is comfort for all day rides - so a fairly cushioned pad. From magazine reviews I've narrowed it down to dhb Aeron or Rapha Core.

Any experience of these for all day cycling? I know that endura are also highly recommended, but the f bib tights I tried yesterday had a very comfortable pad - barely aware of it for the 40 miles or so I did - but the straps were uncomfortable and the tights were digging into the top of my thighs from about halfway The legs were also too long for me, something I have also found with a cheaper pair of their waist shorts.

The Mavic bib tights I bought are a really good fit, but the pad was no good for me - not enough cushioning.In the previous articles in the series, Mottram shared his views on the growth of off-road and adventure cycling and how Rapha aims to harness that trend, as well as how it is reducing its reliance on discounting to restore the business to profitability. Making such a fundamental change to a membership package risks alienating people already signed up to it, so Mottram wrote to existing members in November explaining how RCC was evolving and why, before they heard the news elsewhere.

Besides the reduction in the cost of membership, other tweaks have been made to the RCC offer, which was first launched five years agi, a decade after the business started trading in through its Rapha. Mottram explained some of those changes to us.

So, 15 years on, is Mottram still as passionate about the business as he was when it was founded? Simon has been news editor at road. A law and languages graduate, published translator and former retail analyst, his background has proved invaluable in reporting on issues as diverse as cycling-related court cases, anti-doping investigations, and the bike industry.

He splits his time between London and Cambridge, and loves taking his miniature schnauzer Elodie on adventures in the basket of her Elephant Bike.

Rapha RCC Jersey Large

You've missed a classic supportive bike out, the kuota Kiral. I've owned one for 3 years after hiring one in the Pyrenees.

rapha rcc forum

I do around miles a If in club kit and passing someone from a different club the tradition is to say hi "insert club here", saying hello to the club Also, an enlightening listen: The Spokesmen cycling podcast ep. Some here have been through difficult times but it's good that each of you seems to have positive outcomes I record everything just on general principles, am chasing a completely arbitrary yearly total have set my eyes on km but also like to keep Didn't Homer Simpson once complain that he didn't want to learn anything new in case it pushed out stuff that he already had in his brain?

A general point related to the discussion below, I think a lot of gravel bikes come ill-equipped for the sort of exploratory track bashing the It's complicated, for sure. Log In Register. Back to news. Simon Mottram explains Rapha Cycling Club relaunch as brand aims for big growth in membership. Tue, Dec 10, Simon Mottram.Join Walk Run Cycle.

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Rapha Festive Anyone doing it? Thread starter Heltor Chasca Start date 15 Dec First Prev 4 of 9 Go to page. Location leicester. Job done with a day to spare. Just enough ride of 85 km. Commute tomorrow will add another 25 Kms. Ivo Well-Known Member.

Location Maastricht. Resumed my attempt yesterday with a 79km ride from my christmas holiday place.Coach Frank will lead the group thru the workouts on this plan on those two days. Aka, sweet spot. Rides may join the zoom workouts and use any tech they want including exporting the workout from this plan to zwift. Coach Frank will call out the workout for everyone to follow along.

See the example 4 week calendar for the eight group workouts along with the other 22 days of the plan. We even podcasted about using Zwift as a Training Tool here. For training plan support visit our athlete forum for more ideas and help from our coaches. Questions about our Corona Indoor training plan? You may join our athlete forum for FREE at any time www.

RCC Rapha Jersey SOLD

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rapha rcc forum

Please register to get your referral link and discount. Adding to cart. T-Shirt Podium t shirt! After you've been FtFP'ing you may wind up on the podium and if that's the case you want to look the par Road Sweet Spot 6 wks. Sweet Spot Part 1 With this plan, you can "sweet spot up the whazoo" and raise your threshold power output!

This periodized plan will have

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