Obeah stories

obeah stories

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To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? In the popular images of Jamaican Obeah, men and women in masks and headdresses dance around a fire to the beat of drums, chanting, clapping and jumping. In Jamaican culture, women who use their feminine charms to seduce others to get their own way are also called obeah women.

This collection of stories is more about the second than the first description of the ways of obeah. Obeah Women is a humorous and insightful collection of short stories set in mid- 20th century Jamaica.

The stories are about childhood, coming of age, and adult temptations in the mountains of central Jamaica. In the title story, young Esmie discovers that there are different kinds of obeah women, who practice their art for mysterious purposes. The boy Vernon witnesses the power of obeah for romance in Love Powder. Farmer and father, Mass Johnny, in The Corner Patch, is tempted by a woman who calls herself a spiritualist; but his wife, Miss Emma, recognizes the sign of obeah.

Each story, in some way, deals with the way events draw conflicted characters toward the decisions they make. Her stories have been published in literary journals in Canada and broadcast on Co-op Radio in Vancouver, BC, where she currently lives. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

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Obeah Is a Fact of Life, and Afterlife, in the Caribbean

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Obeah Woman. Anastasia Armourer. Don't have a Kindle? Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings?Sign up Forgot your password? I am writing this story for the people who think I have no idea what an evil spirit acts like when I wrote about my Angel Lucifer.

Obeah is what we call Voodoo in Trinidad and Tobago. This form of magic can be good or evil. It consists of summoning evil spirits to gain something, to hurt people for revenge, to make women barren, to ruin someone's life, to make someone fall in love with them I should say lust because love is not forced and so on. One of the deadliest spirits you can summon through the use of Obeah from my experience is The Moko Jumbie and The Soucouyant.

These are both French terms because we were once ruled by the French. Soucouyant is French for vampire. It is not like the vampires seen on TV. This one appears in the form of a ball of fire.

When I was at the age of eleven before I met Lucifer and before I came a Christian, my sister and I were invited to our neighbor's birthday party. At the party there was the daughter of a notorious obeah man A term used to refer to as a sorcerer in Trinidad and Tobago that was known in the area where we lived. After the party, we kids went outside to play with star lights sticks that light up and sparkle when lit. The girl whose father was the obeah man burnt my sister with it.

And well I was eleven at the time so a fight ensued until the adults broke it up, beat us for being naughty and sent us home. Later that night my mom kept coming into my room while I was resting. I sensed that she was disturbed about something but she did not know what it was. At three in the morning I heard chanting in my head calling out demons to attack me. I also heard a sound in my head. It sounded like a language I could not understood. But I sensed that it was not good.

The chanting continued for an hour and stopped as soon as the rooster crowed. I told my parents but my dad did not believe in spirits despite that he is a Muslim. My mother guessed that it was the obeah man who tried to hurt me for fighting with his daughter.

obeah stories

But when we went outside of our home we saw ashes in front of our home. I had pains all over my body.Post a Comment. Friday, 19 August Obeah Story. What would Carnival be without a dose of witchcraft and the supernatural? Here a story, told by Hersketh J. Bell, who spent many years in the British Colonial Service in the West Indies and was subsequently Governor of the island of Mauritius.

In the s, a French priest came to Trinidad, where he had been sent by the Archbishop to take charge of a parish far in the interior of the island. There was no presbytery, and he had to make shift until he could build one. He moved into a small wooden house, of which one room was occupied by an old coloured woman, who lived there with a little girl. It was confidently hoped that his near neighbourhood would do her good, and at all events induce the old woman to be seen now and then at church, which was a sign of respectability in those years.

When taking possession of his part of the house, the priest was shown her room, and noticed that is contained some really handsome pieces of the massive furniture so much esteemed by Creoles in those days. A tremendous family four-poster, with heavy, handsomely turned pillars, stood in one corner near a ponderous mahogany wardrobe, and various other bits of furniture pretty well filled the little room.

This was an unpleasant arrangement, but was shortly to be remedied by having another door made in her room leading outside.

It was never to come to that, though. The night after the priest had taken possession, he heard a monotonous sound through the partition, as if someone crooning a sing-song chant. This continued for over an hour, and more than once he felt inclined to rap at the partition and beg the old dame to shut up her incantations, but it finally acted as a lullaby and he soon dropped asleep.

The next morning, having got up and dressed, he noticed that all was perfectly silent next door, and on listening attentively he failed to hear a sound. He feared something had gone wrong, but noticed that the door leading to his room had not been opened, as a chair he had placed against it was in precisely the same position as he had left it.

obeah stories

He then knocked at her door several times, but obtained no answer; fearing an accident had happened, he opened the door, and as it swung back on its hinges he was astonished to see the room perfectly empty and evidently swept clean. On examining the room carefully, he found it only had two small windows besides the door leading into his room.

From that day to this neither he nor anyone living in that district have ever seen or heard anything of that woman or of her little girl. How she moved all her heavy furniture out of that little room, has ever remained an inexplicable mystery. However, these are the facts of the case, and nobody has ever been able to explain them.

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Obeah: Resurgence of Jamaican 'Voodoo'

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Obeah Stories PODCAST

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obeah stories

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