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Format Team. Wondering what makes an unforgettable artist bio? Follow our how-to guide to learning everything about writing an artist bio that will make people remember you! It can be a powerful art marketing tool, so you want to make sure you take the time to craft an amazing artist profile that does your incredible artwork justice!

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When building online portfolios, many artists and even brands overlook the importance of the about-me page. But, no matter what kind of art you make, visitors to your website are highly likely to click it within a little while of landing on your page.

Choose an online portfolio with beautiful themes that allow you to make easy, fast tweaks to your artist profile whenever you want—no code required!

The best website builders will have lots of typography options built right in, so that you can really customize the look of that About the Artist page without having to mess around with importing fonts. Okay, you have some ideas for how to build your artist bio into your portfolio website, but what makes a really strong artist profile in the first place?

What should you include, and what is better left out? Where do you start? A short artist bio is usually better than a lengthy one. Check out some short artist bio examples and some longer ones, and notice which tend to stick in your mind more.

Late Night Sessions - Micromonsta first time playing with patches

Not sure where to find them? Check out the online portfolios of other artists you respect to find some good artist bio examples. That means every sentence matters. This sentence should be able to stand alone, communicating who you are and something unique about the kind of art you make. Remember, your artist profile is also a chance to improve the SEO ranking of your portfolio website.

Consider the kinds of keywords that people who might buy your art would search for. Are you an oil painter? Then you should use that keyword early in your artist bio, since search engines will rank that higher than if you mention it at the very end of your artist bio. Our guide will answer a ton of your questions and help you make your portfolio website super SEO-friendly. Look up some artist profile examples from artists in your field, and try to pick out some descriptive words that you like, that explain your art, and that are understandable to laypeople.

You also want to sound like yourself and convey a bit of personality, so try to maintain your own voice as you write. An exception to this is if your target audience is actually a technical crowd, such as art gallery owners. If your main goal with your portfolio website is to get noticed by galleriesthen you can get away with language that would be understood by people in your industry.

Now that you know what kind of language is appropriate for your artist profile, you can start describing the work that you do. Here you can describe a bit about the style that your artwork fits into, the kinds of techniques you use, and interesting tidbits about your process.

Take a bit of time to really think about what defines and characterizes your art. Again, checking out other artist profile examples is a good way to get the creative juices flowing and come up with some effective vocabulary that you can use yourself.

This can be really helpful in giving people a framework to understand your art, and can make clicking through your online profile much more enjoyable. For example, if you spent some studying or practicing in a cool art city and that experience impacts your work today, that would be a cool piece of information to share in an artist profile.

Having a visual reference of one of your pieces on the same page as your artist profile lets readers see your philosophy in practice without having to navigate away to a gallery on your website. Make sure to choose a piece that exemplifies the things you talked about in your bio! Even the best artist bios need to be revised as you develop in your career. Need some more tips on curating your portfolio?Metallica, et al.

Napster, Inc. District Court for the Northern District of California case [1] that focused on copyright infringementracketeeringand unlawful use of digital audio interface devices.

Metallica vs. Metallica is an American heavy metal band. Napster was a pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing Internet servicefounded by Shawn Fanningthat emphasized sharing digitally encoded music as MP3 audio files. On April 13,Metallica filed a lawsuit against the file sharing company Napster. Metallica alleged that Napster was guilty of copyright infringement and racketeering, as defined by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

District Court for the Northern District of California. He explained that, that year, Metallica discovered that a demo of " I Disappear ", a song set to be released with the Mission: Impossible II soundtrackwas being played on the radio.

Metallica traced the leak to a file on Napster's peer-to-peer file-sharing network, where the band's entire catalogue was available for free download. NetPD produced a list ofNapster users who were allegedly sharing the band's songs online in violation of copyright laws; the 60,page list was delivered to Napster's office. This led to overusers being banned from Napster, [9] although software was released that simply altered the Windows registry and allowed users to rejoin the service under a different name.

The lawsuit also named several universities to be held accountable for allowing students to illegally download music on their networks, including the University of Southern CaliforniaYale Universityand Indiana University. In Marchthe federal district court judge ruling over the case, Marilyn Hall Patelissued a preliminary injunction in Metallica's favor pending the case's resolution. Other artists including Dr. Drea number of record companies, and the RIAA subsequently filed their own lawsuits which led to the termination of an additionalNapster accounts.

The settlement required that Napster block music being shared from any artist that did not want their music to be shared. Napster was forced to file for Chapter 7 and liquidate its assets. The Napster program was originally a way for nineteen-year-old Shawn Fanning and his friends throughout the country to trade music in the MP3 format.

Napster went live in September and gained instant popularity.At Spinnup we distribute your music to 35 music partners, of which we are proud to include Deezer as one of them. While much attention is put on streaming giants Spotify and Apple Music, Deezer is one of the most used music streaming platforms in Europe, and worldwide, with more than 14 million users, and reportedly the biggest music library of any streaming service.

When they do we will update this article with all the information you need to know. Accepted formats are jpg, jpeg, png. You can only have one image at the moment so choose wisely! Write a bio to introduce yourself and explain what your music is all about. Read our advice on how to write the perfect artist bio.

You can also add your social media links that will appear in the hand right corner of your page. Any playlists you create will appear in a dedicated tab. Here you will find playlists your tracks feature in, and the playlists you have created.

Curating playlists of music you love, or that inspires you as well as your own tracks, of courseis a great way to engage your fans and help them get to know you better. To change these features, drop an email to support deezer. If you have any questions, you can submit a request on their support page.

Sean Parker

Your bio Write a bio to introduce yourself and explain what your music is all about. Links You can also add your social media links that will appear in the hand right corner of your page. Playlists Any playlists you create will appear in a dedicated tab.

April 14, How to find the perfect music mentor. January 7, Expectation Vs Reality. December 2, What is Music Distribution?Daft Punk assumed their reign over the French electronic scene shortly after the appearance of their second single "Da Funk" inmaking mere subjects of such high-profile names as Motorbass, Air and Dimitri from Paris.

Transforming a heritage of early Acid House, Detroit Techno, Indie Rock and hip-hop into a flawless progressive electronica sound that made loyal followers of both staunch rock crowds and Techno fiends alike, the collaboration of Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo and Thomas Bangalter triggered a deluge of critical praise. Heavy funk-fortified House beats lumber confidently at a mid-tempo hip-hop pace, weighed down with metallic murmurs, shrill electronic squeals, and catchy vocodered vocal hooks.

With a style that shifts without warning from the hard end of dance music to the easier side of the spectrum and takes care to steer clear of cliches and overwrought themes, Daft Punk is the model for crossover electronic music.

napster artist profile

Daniela Bartels. JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings. Artist Daft Punk. Top tracks. Get Lucky. Random Access Memories. Lose Yourself to Dance. Instant Crush. Doin' it Right. Main releases. Daft Punk. TRON: Legacy. Alive Classical Trancelations 3 Live in Helsinki. Lager Live. About Daft Punk Daft Punk assumed their reign over the French electronic scene shortly after the appearance of their second single "Da Funk" inmaking mere subjects of such high-profile names as Motorbass, Air and Dimitri from Paris.

Facebook Twitter. Charts The Official Chart. Musique Vol 1 - Live at Breworth Fest Live. The Tom Biddle Band. Mister One Bass.Sean Parker born December 3, is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, most notable for co-founding the file-sharing computer service Napsterand serving as the first president of the social networking website Facebook. He also co-founded PlaxoCausesAirtime. As a child, Parker was an avid reader, which was the beginning of his lifelong autodidacticism.

When Parker was 15, he met year-old Shawn Fanning over the Internet, where the two bonded over topics like theoretical physics and hacking. Lawsuits by various industry associations eventually shut down the service. In NovemberParker launched Plaxoan online address book and social networking service that integrated with Microsoft Outlook. InParker saw a site called " The Facebook " on the computer of his roommate's girlfriend, who was a student at Stanford.

As president, Parker brought on Thiel as Facebook's first investor. During a party inpolice entered and searched a vacation home Parker was renting and found cocaine. Induring an interview with AxiosParker expressed concerns about the role of Facebook in society, saying that it "exploit[s] a vulnerability in human psychology" as it creates a "social-validation feedback loop".

Parker stated that he was "something of a conscientious objector " to using social media. While working at Founders FundParker had been looking to invest in a company that could further Napster's music sharing mission legally. In AprilParker announced his backing of a new initiative called Brigadean online platform for civic engagement to "combat a lack of political engagement and interest in all levels of government across America". Causes had in acquired Votizen, a political advocacy startup.

He has stated, "Politics for me is the most obvious area [to be disrupted by the Web]. SinceParker has been an active donor to cancer research, global public health and civic engagement. Parker Center for Allergy Research at Stanford. InParker founded Causesoriginally one of the earliest Facebook applicationsas a philanthropic service that uses social media to connect charities with their supporters and potential donors and then communicates that connection to the user's network of friends.

The funds initially went to over scientists at 40 laboratories, in 6 institutions. In NovemberScience published a study from Parker Institute researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center showing that melanoma patients who have specific types of bacteria and a greater microbial diversity in their gut microbiome responded better to an anti-PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor versus those with less diversity.

In FebruaryParker was ranked number 5 on the Chronicle of Philanthropy's Philanthropy 50 list. Parker has made substantial donations to both sides of U. In Washington, he has met with Republican lawmakers about ways of encouraging economic investment in struggling areas of the country. Parker was also a driving force behind the Opportunity Zones provision in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of which are designed to incentivize investments in struggling American communities. Although Parker praised David Fincher as a director, many have remarked on the differences between Parker and his portrayal by Timberlake.

InParker became engaged to Alexandra Lenas, a singer-songwriter, and they were married in The wedding was the subject of an article in The Atlantic alleging environmental damage to the redwood forest [] to which Parker responded in detail, highlighting his cooperation with the Save the Redwoods League throughout.

In addition, the venue from which he hired the space was not permitted to close it to the public. A California Coastal Commission spokesperson said "Mr. Parker, in essence, leased an ongoing Coastal Act violation when he leased the campground". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sean Parker.

Herndon, VirginiaU. Alexandra Lenas m. The Biography Channel.Best answer by Pia. Deezer 27 February If it's your first time using it, all you have to do is click on the button 'request access' and follow the steps. Profile Picture Minimum dimensions: x Allowed files: jpg, jpeg, png.

Biography No length restriction. Already have an account? Create a Deezer account. Enter your username or e-mail address. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. Sorry, we're still checking this file's contents to make sure it's safe to download. Please try again in a few minutes. Help Center. Weslley Maia. How can I get access to the Deezer4Artists? Share Tweet Share Share. I look forward to returning, grateful for the attention, the willingness, a hug, see you soon.

Regards, Brenno A. Hey Brenno. If there that profile without photo Thanks for answers. Mr Rocha. Noam Asulin. As much as I know you can't. You can only edit cover for playlists you created.

It is up to Deezer to add the missing artist cover. Please be aware I'm not Deezer employee. I'm a proud Musicholic! Hi Ruta. Nicole Kern. We have multiple digital artists for whom we handle the technical side of things. Would you be interested in setting up a call with me to discuss?

Tarassenko Nikita. Hi there! It's all okay with it here, I added this music here on Deezer via Routenote services, although there's other thing I wanted to ask about. I want to know if there's any possibility for me to take some kind of control over this page so I can edit some bio, change profile pictures, add social profile links and etc.?

Waiting for your reply, Nikita Tarassenko. Hi Nicole! Hope this helps!There's no denying Diddy's uncanny knack for success. After Biggie's murder, Combs became larger than ever before, with multi-platinum solo albums, Grammy awards, etc.

He also expanded his empire to incorporate new ventures, including his own clothing company Sean John. Though ridiculously famous and wealthy, he also went through some high-profile trials and tribulations, such as the Club New York shooting Combs was acquitted; Shyne got 15 years and getting dumped by hottie du jour Jennifer Lopez. Through it all, he has emerged virtually unscathed, and continues to play both sides of the fence, working with pseudo-thug rappers and hobnobbing in the Hamptons with the ultra-rich.

He subsequently released The Saga Continues On Press PlayDiddy continues to raise the bar for platinum braggadocio rap. A great pop record, it reasserted Diddy's continued relevance in the hip-hop world. Bebop Digital. JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings. Artist Puff Daddy. Top tracks. Victory feat. The Notorious B. Finna Get Loose. Finna Get Loose feat. Pharrell Williams - Single. No Way Out Remastered Edition. I'll Be Missing You feat.

napster artist profile

Main releases. Tokers Grove. Press Play. Run Off With The Pack. What I Want. Best Pop. Busta Rhymes.

napster artist profile

Party Tyme Karaoke. About Puff Daddy There's no denying Diddy's uncanny knack for success. Facebook Twitter. The Saga Continues Back Pain.

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