Moi qatar traffic violation list

The traffic department has issued a list of 30 violations that attract varying fines for light vehicles, with provision for seizure of vehicle in at least three of them. These violations are, namely, drink driving, using language or symbol which is against public decency and hit-and-run incident.

Some of the violations that are new include motorists talking while driving and watching TV while behind the steering wheel. While for talking the fine is QR, for watching TV it is QR, and driving in opposite direction in direction not allowed by the traffic law attracts a fine of QR6, plus six demerit points.

Jumping a road divider and taking a U-turn also attracts a fine of QR6, and three demerit points. A motorist not giving way to a police car or ambulance is to be slapped a fine of QR Drivers who like to idle away time particularly at night need to be careful as driving at slow speeds without a valid reason is also an offence punishable with a fine of QR Overtaking from the right side and not using the seat belt are both punishable with a fine of QR each.

And making a child under years of age sit on the front seat while the car is in motion is an offence too and carries a fine of QR, Al Sharq reported yesterday. And the gan classifier is QR1, for a motorist who does not remove vehicle from a spot after a minor accident.

A similar fine awaits those who drive a car without switching its headlights on at night. Motorists may check and pay for traffic violations online through Ministry of Interior website. Violators can pay traffic fines in person by attending MoI collection office or the Traffic Department. View Traffic Violations: Click Here. Motorists can check and pay for traffic violations online through Metrash2.

How Red Light Camera Systems Work (Photo Ticket Enforcement)

Toggle navigation. Qatar Traffic Dept releases list of violations, fines. Here is the List of Violations and Fines:.Traffic Violations in Qatar is ends with huge fine and imprisonment, added new rules and regulation to the limit of traffic and set up of Hi-tech cameras, Radar detectors. Qatar is one of the countries in Gulf and Richest, Doha is the largest capital of the country with large population, so every day rush hour for traffics, According to computes people lost their lives in traffic accidents in Qatar.

Qatar Government has rules on traffic violation that similar to other common rule of other Countries. There is option for Online Application for paying fines for traffic violations. The New laws out in November for Traffic Violations officially and they added point system to take violators to imprisonment and cancel their License. The Fines and Penalties are huge, if you beat traffic Red light the charges of fine is 10, to 50, QAR Or 3 Years Imprisonment, sometimes both fines will be charged.

The Traffic rules such as Beating the traffic rules and regulation that causes cancellation of License and imprisonment for long time.

moi qatar traffic violation list

Share This Share this content Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window Opens in a new window. Posted By: Worldlistmania Author. Close Menu.Qatar is working hard to cut down on road accidents and is enforcing strict traffic laws. Violations can lead to hefty fines and even imprisonment in extreme cases.

Points can also be racked up against your license and, once a limit is reached, you may no longer be permitted to drive. Police are now armed with radar speed guns and cameras which can be spotted on many roads, particularly at traffic lights, to catch those jumping the red signal. While police vehicles are frequently found at roundabouts and on highways, officers in plainclothes are also keeping a watch.

Enforcing traffic rules has shown a positive effect as violations dropped by a massive Traffic Department figures showed 99, traffic violations were recorded between March and September of which 8, were for jumping a red light, which incurs a penalty of QR 6, to the driver. Cameras caught 53, violations and traffic instructions were violated in 9, cases. There were 74, vehicle-related transactions, which include renewals, transfers of ownership, vehicle cancellations, and exports during this period.

Well-armed traffic cops. There were 4, new vehicles registered during this same period, and road accident cases in court amounted to in September Significantly, there was a steep decline in road deaths with in compared to in This is an overall reduction of 7. The General Directorate of Traffic has targeted a reduction in deaths due to traffic accidents to by The Qatar driving license is based on a point system where drivers collect points for each infraction.

A license is suspended for three months once a driver reaches 14 points. Repeat offenders can face lower point thresholds, longer suspension periods, and finally, cancellation of their license.

The major traffic violations and fines include:. Traffic fines can be paid either in person or online. To pay in person, you have to go to the Ministry of Interior collection office or Traffic Department. General Traffic Department Qatar. Photo credit: Bertrand Philippe.

Procedure to Check MOI Traffic Violations in Qatar

You can also pay your vehicle's traffic penalties or fines due online by using the e-payment service. Violations can be checked and fines paid through the Ministry of Interior website or Metrash2. Have you ever violated traffic rules, knowingly or unknowingly? Did you have to pay a fine? Let us know your experiences in the comments below, and don't forget to like and share this article to allow others to stay informed. Want to send a tip?

moi qatar traffic violation list

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List of 113 Qatar Traffic Violations and Fines in Qatari Riyal

Sign in Register. Qatar guide. Merch Store. Coronavirus Updates. Posted On: 3 January pm.In Qatar, the traffic department has issued a list of Qatar traffic violation fines that attract changing fines for animated vehicles, following provision for the capture of the vehicle in at least three of them. Some violations are, namely, beverage driving, using language or metaphor which is closely public decency and hit-and-manage incident.

For these violations, the fines range from QR to QR 6, and not all the 30 violations guide to demerit points to one's driver's license. Wherever applicable, only three to seven demerit points are to be proceeding. An added list of violations has been released after an added traffic produce an effect was issued recently.

Addition to that, jumping the red fresh continues to attract the maximum sociable: QR 6, and seven demerit points. Also not listening to the police and stopping your car attracts connected amenable and points' add together.

Some of the violations that are optional appendage put in motorists talking even if driving and watching TV even if bearing in mind the steering wheel. While for talking the satisfying is QRfor watching TV it is QRand driving in opposite admin in running not allowed by the traffic action attracts a satisfying of QR 6, lead six demerit points.

Plus, jumping a road divider and taking a U-slant moreover, attracts a pleasing of QR 6, and three demerit points. A motorist not giving showing off to a police car or ambulance is to be slapped a suitable of QR Drivers who later to idle away era particularly at night obsession to be cautious as driving at slow speeds without a real gloss is as well as an offence punishable when a fine of QR When you are overtaking from the right side and not using the seat fashion tote going on in crime are both punishable subsequent to a fine of QR each.

Moreover, if making a child below years of age sit roughly the belly seat though the car is in movement is an offence too and carries a fine of QRAl Sharq reported yesterday. In addition, the fine is QR 1, for a motorist who does not surgically cut off the vehicle from a spot after a young people accident. A joined fine awaits those who purpose a car without switching its headlights regarding at night. The Fine amounts on different traffic violations according to the traffic law No 19 for the year Note: And to be increased by QR.

Allow adequate space between him and the vehicle in front of him and to be attentive of signals of the vehicle in front of him and not to overtake except from the left side.

moi qatar traffic violation list

Not to overtake the vehicles which are running in front of him at unclear elevations and sharp turnings, arched bridges, curves, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and in all places where the traffic signals prohibit overtaking.Here the Recent Job is Available for the people of Qatar.

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Moi Qatar Traffic Violation List

Read More. Current Exit and Entry Permits info and Details about all the status checking you can read from here. Here You can check all the details and Status about the ministry of interior Qatar.

Also, you can read about all information and details about all the features available on the Moi website Portal. Before starting anything about this topic firstly you have to know about all content about this website porta. This Ministry of Interior Shares all the current info about any person who is currently working or Doing any work in Qatar.

This here you can also check other details which are Mostly any common person who wants to check for the example checking info about the vehicle or visa or any job status. With the passing of time daily Publish new info about this platform and many of the new services are connected with this platform.

And If you ignore this whole cause then you will also get the list into the crime. Mostly these fines charges or comes by the Raod Cameras.

moi qatar traffic violation list

Here you will get learn about the process of checking this Fine on your Vehicle. You will Get the Whole info or details about the Vehicles Violations. On this Services you can check about the volitions about these available vehicles for the Example. This List is all those vehicles that you can check form the Website portal of the ministry of interior Qatar.

If you have any vehicle which is also mentioned in the list then you can check the vehicle traffic violation details in this way. When You click on the Traffic Violation you will get this type of the Page Which is also Shows you the SnapShot number 2 where you have to give the available Details and Click to the Submit Button for vehicle details checking.

You can see the Result into SnapShot 3. See SnapShot number 4. Here you can clearly see when you will click on the Traffic Report you will get this type of the Home Screen. Where you have to Select the Firstly the Report Type means Accident or Cause and then You have chosen the Incident number after complete all the info now Select the Plate number or Driver number which means the License number. Now in the End simply Write down the image code and Click to the Search.

If you want to view the fully complete details about your visa means how many days left to your visa expired or if you want to get another copy of your visa etc. This fully and detailed info you can collect from the Moi Qatar which is means to Ministry of Interior Qatar online website portal.

Any Person visa Printing details also you can check from here. When you view your visa Details at that time all the other Details are also Shows at your Front Screen.

Where you can check about more Details about any person. And also you can Print your Visa from Here. Basically this Fully Tab or Menue allow to the User about all type of the info about the visa. And visa info only shows for that Person who is currently living in Qatar on the visa.

And these all the Services is about to Make the Easy Access of information for those people who have a short time and who are understand the value of important info.The Licensing Department of The General Directorate of Traffic, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Systems, has just launched two new traffic violations-related services for the public through the Metrash2 application. Note: A violation cannot be contested if the fine is already paid or if it has been contested already once.

Have you downloaded Metrash2 yet? Are you happy with its services? What do you think of these new services? Are they helpful. Do let us know your thoughts in our Comments section.

MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Fines List, How to Check and Pay Violation Fine

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Your post will appear after we take a quick look! Sign in Register. Qatar guide. Merch Store. Coronavirus Updates. Posted On: 15 July pm. Nabeela Content Writer. Visas pre-entry permits can be extended through Metrash2, says MoI. Transactions on Metrash2 exceed 2. Exit permits set to be canceled on 19 March: Ministry of Interior. General Directorate of Passports completes over 1. Choose your time zone. By pressing the "Join" button you are agreeing to out company's Privacy policy and Terms of use.

You have successfully registered your account! Please confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the URL sent to you. The e-mail usually arrives in minutes. If you still haven't received the e-mail, press here to re-send. Welcome to our brand new site! Looking good huh? New to ILQ? What are you waiting for? Sign up! Log-in Reset Register.If you drive in Qatar, it is of utmost importance to be aware of traffic rules so fines can be avoided.

In a bid to curb the high rate of road accidents, the Qatari government has made the traffic rules stricter. The traffic system is based on points and includes severe fines that can lead to a driving ban. So, once you clear the driving test and obtain the driving license, now it is essential that you are likewise mindful of certain Qatar driving rules to avoid penalties and ensure that you and others on the road are safe.

The above traffic fines have been implemented for everyone who has a car in Qatar. Please abide them for the security of all drivers and much more of pedestrians. We hope you find the above table useful in understanding and gaining knowledge to the driving policies in Qatar. We aim to be a helpful source of information as we receive updates online on different rules and regulations made to make our lives easier and safer.

Safe driving everyone! Toggle navigation. Attention Qatar Drivers! Individuals who have car or other vehicle and if they do drive in Qatar, ought to know about the rules for awareness and safety. One of the main difference between Western countries and Qatar is that drivers in Qatar are not informed when they commit a traffic rule violation. Showing 1 to of entries The above traffic fines have been implemented for everyone who has a car in Qatar. Next Life in Qatar - Plan your finances.

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