Kentucky bluegrass strain revolution

Kentucky calls itself a commonwealth. To the U. American frontiersman Daniel Boone first entered what is now the U. At that time, herds of bison roamed the grassy areas, and the forests offered a seemingly unlimited supply of bear, deer, and wild turkey.

kentucky bluegrass strain revolution

Today the bison are gone, and the meager bear, deer, and wild turkey populations survive only through careful restocking. For some time Kentucky has been an industrial state. Kentucky was originally a part of the western lands of Virginia. The oldest state west of the Appalachian Highlands, it had its first permanent white settlement in —about a year before Boone brought his wife and teenage daughter to live in the town that was named after him—Boonesborough now Boonesboro.

During the next 15 years the population of the area grew to more than 73, Inwith the permission of Virginia, Kentucky was admitted to the Union as the 15th state.

Kentucky is a more rural state than Virginia, but it boasts a strong manufacturing sector and an economy that has grown increasingly varied over the years.

Service industries are now a main source of income and employment in the state. Although tobacco remains one of the leading crops, the scarcity of farm labor has driven many small tobacco farmers out of business. In addition, agriculture is diversifying as many farms change over to crops other than tobacco and total production is strictly limited by the federal government.

Coal mining and the bourbon whiskey industry have traditionally been important in the economy. Its most popular nickname, Bluegrass State, comes from the unusual long-stemmed grass that grows in various parts of Kentucky and is most abundant in the Lexington-Fayette area. Area 40, square milessquare kilometers. Population 4, Kentucky lies in the south-central section of the United States. Virginia is to the southeast. To the south is Tennessee. On the west the Mississippi River is the boundary between Kentucky and Missouri.

Its greatest width is miles kilometersfrom north to south. From the edge of the Appalachian Highlands in the east, the surface of Kentucky slopes generally north and west.

The highest point in the state is Black Mountain, at the Virginia border—4, feet 1, meters.

kentucky bluegrass strain revolution

Here the average elevation is about 2, feet meters. Central Kentucky has an average elevation of about 1, feet meters ; western Kentucky, about feet meters. The lowest point in the state is feet 78 metersalong the Mississippi River near Hickman. There are three distinct natural regions.

Part of the Appalachian Highlands, the Appalachian Plateaus region covers the eastern fourth of Kentucky. The southeastern edge of this region is formed by the Cumberland and Pine mountain ranges, known also as the Cumberland Mountains. From these highlands a series of sharp ridges and narrow valleys extend northward in the Kanawha section and westward in the Cumberland Plateau section. Another name that is sometimes used to designate the Appalachian Plateaus is the Eastern Coalfield.

See also Appalachian Mountains. The area extending from the eastern mountains to the Tennessee River in the west is part of the Interior Low Plateaus, a province of the larger Interior Plains region, which covers much of the central United States.

The area is also known as the Lexington Plain. Around the edge of the Bluegrass area is a semicircle of rounded hills called the Knobs.Clementine is a sweet, citrus flavored sativa that is meant to produce an uplifting, energetic, and a highly functional medicated state.

The clear-headed effects create a wonderful daytime experience, meant to parallel that otherwise ordinary daily activity and results of grabbing a cup of coffee. Recommended for morning or daytime consumption, users are warned against using this strain at night due to potential for over-stimulation. Patients have reported success in using Clementine to combat depression and mood disorders, as well as to sharpen focus.

Reviews 1. Add a Review Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a review. January 24, Clementine by Cresco is a holiday in a bottle! This Sativa leaning strain is the wild child offspring of Tangie and Lemon Skunk and their naughty spring break rendezvous resulted in my darling Clementine.

This emerald green flower has shy orange hairs tucked into the bud. The smell is loud and fills the room raw with oranges and lemon. The flavor is straight orange, almost push-up pop orange. Perfect for daily activities, this potent medicine can whisk away stress and anxiety and lead to enlightened moods and energy to take on a day of sightseeing.

Clementine by Cresco is another phenomanal phenome that is a must have for the dedicated smoker. Until further notice, individuals will be required to wear face coverings before entering the dispensary. Online order fulfillment may take up to 30 minutes.

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Online orders must be picked up by pm Monday through Saturday. Unclaimed orders are not saved overnight. Those placed after business hours must be claimed the following business day before the close of business. Cannabis products must be purchased with cash. An ATM is located in the dispensary for cash withdrawals. Debit or credit cards can be used to purchase non-cannabis items such as pipes, vaping accessories, apparel, and more.

In-Store Hours. Sun : Closed. Mon : ampm.Offering the best possible care for our residents is our number one priority. We offer various care options, each designed to give our residents care and attention specifically suited to their needs. From rehabilitation services to customized home care, our care options promote a fulfilling life for everyone we help. The care I have received from everyone here has been outstanding. I was always treated with respect and kindness.

Many of the friendships developed over the past two years will last a lifetime. The therapy department is wonderful, they are the reason I will walk out of Hermitage Care! I look forward to mowing the grass and driving my car when I get home. For over a decade, my team and I have charted a course to radically change how society perceives nursing homes in this country. Coming from outside the long-term care industry, I was stunned and disappointed by how many companies were not adequately meeting the demands of the communities they serve.

I knew this business would never be easy, but the social responsibility to deliver a diligent service and restore public trust made the long-term care revolution a challenging concept that was more a dream than reality. Read the full letter here. Close menu. View Careers. Join the Signature Team! Over Lives Changed. Nearly Stakeholders. Paul Maddox See All Reviews.Conceived and designed the experiments: SY LH. Analyzed the data: LG XC. The accession number is SRA Kentucky bluegrass Poa pratensis L.

Utilization of cultivars with slow growth is a promising method to decrease mowing frequency. In this study, two dwarf mutant selections of Kentucky bluegrass A12 and A16 induced by space mutation were analyzed for the differentially expressed genes compared with the wild type WT by the high-throughput RNA-Seq technology. Further investigation revealed that the DEG pathways were mainly involved in terpenoid biosynthesis and plant hormone metabolism, which might account for the differences of plant height and leaf blade color between dwarf mutant and WT plants.

Our study presents the first comprehensive transcriptomic data and gene function analysis of Poa pratensis L. It is also one of the most widely used cool-season turfgrasses in temperate and subarctic climates.

Compared to other grasses, Kentucky bluegrass is advantageous in excellent tolerance to low temperature, extended drought periods, good spring green-up rate and outstanding recuperative capacity [ 2 ]. Frequent mowing about once a week is required to keep the preferred mowing height of Kentucky bluegrass to 1.

Mowing, as the most basic cultural practice of turf, is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Several plant growth regulators, such as ethephon, trinexapac-ethyl and endothal, have been developed and applied on turf to reduce or slow the growth of grasses, thus decreasing the mowing requirement [ 3 ].

An alternative option to decrease mowing frequency is to develop dwarf grass cultivars. Dwarfism, an important agronomic trait, has been studied extensively on field crops and model plants such as rice Oryza sativa L.

It has been shown that plant dwarf can be resulted from the blocked metabolism and signal transduction pathways of plant hormones, such as gibberellins GA or brassinolide BR [ 7 ], or cell wall and cell elongation [ 8 ]. The studies on Arabidopsis, rice and wheat indicate that the genetic variation on synthesis or signal transduction pathways of plant hormones, including GA [ 9 ], BR and auxin [ 10 ], has a great impact on plant height.

Kentucky bluegrass belongs to the Poaceae family that includes some of the major cereal crops, forage and turf grasses [ 11 ]. According to previous comparative genomics analysis, these plants have more homologous genes [ 12 ].

Up to date, only nucleotide sequences of Kentucky bluegrass are available in GenBank, assuming no sequence duplications. The scarcity of genome information is an obstacle to develop new cultivars of Kentucky bluegrass by modern genetic and genomic methods.

The recent advances in sequencing technologies have enabled the transcriptomic analysis of many grass species [ 14 ]. For non-model species such as Kentucky bluegrass that lacks the sequenced genome, RNA-Seq is a valuable tool for the development of new genetic resources [ 15 ]. RNA-Seq technology has been initiated on turfgrass to understand how they respond to biotic and abiotic stresses. Several genes that were differentially expressed during the infection were identified from either the host or the pathogen [ 16 ].

The transcriptome of two buffalograss Buchloe dactyloides L. Studer et al. The high-throughput sequencing was also utilized to characterize the leaf transcriptome of guinea grass Panicum maximum Jacq.

To the best of our knowledge, there has been no high-throughput sequencing analysis for Kentucky bluegrass. Kentucky bluegrass dwarf mutants used in this study were derived from seeds exposed to space environment. Space mutation, one of the physical mutation approaches, has been applied to plant breeding in the past 30 years in China [ 20 ]. A number of new cultivars or selections of rice, wheat, maize, green pepper and watermelon were developed by this method [ 2122 ].

The space mutation approach results in abundant, non-directional mutations [ 23 ]. In this study, the two dwarf mutants, A12 and A16, were selected from the offspring of Kentucky bluegrass cv.

Baron seeds brought to space by the recoverable satellite in To explore the transcriptomic profiles of Kentucky bluegrass dwarf mutants, the high-throughput paired-end Illumina technology was utilized. A total of 45 Gb of read sequences andunigenes were generated from the WT, A12 and A16 in this study.

Our objectives were i to analyze the differentially expressed genes between Kentucky bluegrass dwarf mutants and WT, ii to characterize and annotate expressed unigenes related to physiological characteristics of Kentucky bluegrass, and iii to provide a genetic basis for Kentucky bluegrass transcriptomic analysis.

As a result, we speculate that the dwarfing of our Kentucky bluegrass may be related to differentially expressed genes in terpenoid metabolic pathway, especially in the GA biosynthetic pathways.Please keep this subject limited to officially licensed Illinois dispensaries.

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Really unique taste with pints of blueberry, and really great couch feeling. Anyway, so far every single Revolution eights I bought been nothing but top notch. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to try this one. Doesn't look as kiefy and sparkly as some of the other Rev bud I've seen but maybe its one where looks are more than meets the eye kinda thing.

Names don't mean a thing. Don't ever let them influence how much you pay because of a name of a strain. And all of that is dependent on drying and proper curing. You could take a top selling brand name and if improperly cured,rushed to market, then it will be garbage to smoke.

kentucky bluegrass strain revolution

I usually buy my favorite strains when they are available even if my supply is not low. You would be surprised how much of a powerhouse of smoke, flavor and buzz this method makes when I finally crack a jar open for use.

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Learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Kentucky Bluegrass The aroma is moderate, with lemon and hints of pine and some ethereal aroma akin to potpourri.

The taste shows both red and blue fruits, with a pleasant lasting sweetness throughout. The finish is smooth and free of peppery elements. The high is strong, lasting, and more euphoric than sedating. The buds were especially well cured. An enjoyable daytime strain, highly recommended.

Reviewed by Illinoisacnnabisreview gmail. Extremely dense, frosty nugs. Delicious intense flavors. Fast hitting and long lasting. Ace Revolution consistently delivers superior flower.

Growing Kentucky Bluegrass from Seed

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Kentucky Bluegrass

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Kentucky Bluegrass. Grim Bastard OG. Blueberry Clementine.

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